PVC-O Pipes Plant

Advantages of PVC-O Pipes over Ductile Iron Pipes (DI Pipes)

As a considerably stronger polymer than most, PVC-O pipes have self-evident advantages over PVC pipes. They are also a significant improvement over Ductile Iron pipes.

Higher hydraulic capacity and no reduction in pressure

Wall thickness of PVC-O pipes is less than that of DI pipes. As a result, hydraulic capacity is almost 30% higher in PVC-O pipes than in Ductile Iron pipes of the same dimensions.

Corrosion-free material

As PVC-O is immune to corrosion and to natural chemical substances, it is not necessary to add any type of special protection or coating. As a result, there is significant cost savings when PVC-O pipes are used instead of DI pipes. At the same time, the water quality remains unchanged.

Easy to use and install

PVC-O pipes are lighter and easier to handle than DI pipes. No machinery is required for the installation. In terms of installation, in both material and time, PVC-O pipes offer huge advantages.

Smooth inner surface and higher impact resistance

PVC-O pipes have a smooth inner surface. The C-value (Hazen-Williams roughness constant) is 150 for PVC-O and 130 for Ductile Iron pipe. On account of its layered structure, impact resistance for PVC-O pipes is higher than that of any other pipes.

High Pressure Pumping Lines

PVC-O Pipes Class 500 with Homogenous Spigot can be used for High Pressure Pumping Lines in water supply/conveyance.